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Welcome to Blys™

“Home furnishing combining style and simple functionality ... and the particular needs of the elder community”

“Much more than a lamp or nightlight ... Blys enables focussed security, spatial awareness, reduces falls and breakages, low impact illumination, and improves ambience for residents and staff alike”

“Most nursing home residents sleep with the light on due to anxiety - this promotes ill-temper, poor health and accelerates dementia”

Blys™ is a sleek, modern light source designed with the specific needs of elderly people. Blys™ can be used as a nightlight or gentle bedroom lighting, and enables access to essential personal possessions during the night, aiding peace of mind and restful sleep.

As a nightlight it provides a low-level glow which allows un-interrupted sleep, but on waking it provides a focus in a room, allowing items such as bedside lights, spectacles, water, phone, and other personal items to be easily identified without switching the main light on.

A low level of light from the tray provides an immediate focus and sense of security if wakened during the night, whilst preventing the shock experienced when turning on conventional lighting, or the frustration of finding the light switch.

UK Building Better Healthcare Awards

The 17th annual Building Better Healthcare Awards held at The Brewery in central London on 4th November, saw E2L's Blys Nightlight for the elderly win the Award for Best Furniture Product


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Blys™ measures 400mm by 400mm square and is only 25mm deep. It has four non-slip feet and is spill proof
Blys™ is available for delivery worldwide - it has a universal power supply with mains plugs to suit your country.
Power consumption is very low; less than 700mA at 5V. The unit does not get hot, even at the maximum brightness

BLYS control panel

It is controlled by means of a simple touch panel along the front facing side. Hand contact anywhere along the main edge the unit switches on or off, and the brightness can be altered by touching two small 'bright' and 'dim' zones. Blys™ remembers its previous light setting when it's switched off.

How to order

Blys is available from our online store at E2L Products Limited
Click on the link to order today Blys lighting tablet

Background Research

The Blys™ concept is derived from findings of 'SomnIA'; a four year research programme undertaken by a consortium of universities as part of the 'New Dynamics of Ageing' initiative. The main research partner was the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (now called Designability)

The main aims were:
To understand the meanings and determinants of poor quality sleep among older people in the community and in residential settings.
To develop cost-effective approaches to non-pharmacological self-management of sleep problems among older people with chronic disease

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